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PRO-NOX Analgesia Newport Beach

We are pleased to offer our patients an FDA cleared pain relief option during specific medical and aesthetic procedures, called Pro-Nox. This is a safe analgesic gas that is 100% self-administered by the patient during a procedure. Pro-Nox is a 50/50 combination of Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen that is inhaled through a gas delivery system. It helps to relieve pain, stress and anxiety that may be associated with certain procedures. It is comparable to “laughing gas” in that it provides an overall reduction in discomfort by inducing a more calm and euphoric state of being. With Pro-Nox, the patient choses how much or how little they inhale according to their desired comfort level and therefore they do not fall asleep or lose consciousness from the analgesia. The effects of Pro-Nox quickly taper off within 10-15 minutes, allowing the patient to safely drive themselves afterwards. This makes it an ideal pain relief option without downtime or restrictions.

PRO-NOX Analgesia Newport Beach

Thank you Dr. Reinstadler!

“Dr. David Reinstadler is an extremely professional, confident, and yet very humble plastic surgeon. Dr. R just completed the removal of extra skin on my eyelids. I experienced no pain and the recovery was exceptionally quick. I was back at work within 5 days. I would recommend him to anyone who wants an honest game plan. The professional care and concern that was shown to me while under his care was fantastic! His office and surgical facility that he uses are spotless and very very professional. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. David Reinstadler to anyone who is looking for an excellent plastic surgeon. Thank you Dr. Reinstadler!!”

– Lisa

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