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Brow Lift Newport Beach

browliftAs we age, all tissue descends in a vertical direction. The brows are a focal point, which many recognize early as a sign of aging. During their descent, they make the eyes look heavy and tired. Many people think it is the extra eyelid skin that is the underlying issue. Once evaluated, the difference is apparent. Patients with a low-lying brow use the muscles in their forehead to support their eye-opening. There are many methods to re-suspend the brows in a natural position. Dr. Reinstadler uses a minimally invasive technique with small incisions in the hairline that will be invisible after healing.

The Surgery
The majority of patients who would benefit from a brow lift are candidates for an endoscopic lift. This is the least invasive option, as it uses four or five small incisions behind the hairline to access the entire brow. The brow tissue is then re-suspended. This technique does not significantly alter the shape of the brow; it lifts the entire eyebrow to its more youthful natural position.

Before Surgery
The eyes and the brow are intimately intertwined, so a thorough evaluation of the entire upper portion of the face is necessary. Many times a brow lift is combined with an upper eyelid blepharoplasty to significantly rejuvenate the upper face.

After Surgery
If an endoscopic brow lift is performed you will have a few staples in the hairline. These will be removed about 10 days after the surgery. The main issue during recovery is a headache that results from the tissue being pulled. Many people report a ‘migraine-type’ pain for the first few days. Your eyes may also be bruised and swollen just because that is the lowest part of the brow and where the fluid and blood settles. In general, you should be back to your normal activities after the staples are removed.


Will there be any changes to my hairline?

Depending on the type of brow lift performed, the hairline may be affected. With the endoscopic brow lift, there is no hairline change and it requires the smallest incisions. If a hairline change is desired, certain incisions and techniques can be used. This should be addressed with the surgeon during the consultation.

How is the brow held in place?

The brow can be held in place by a few different methods. With the endoscopic technique, either sutures or endotines (dissolvable suspension devices) are used. The sutures are secured to the bone so the brow can be securely suspended. The endotines are also secured to bone and dissolve over approximately six months.

How do I know if I need a brow lift or a blepharoplasty?

This is an important question and will be addressed during the consultation. Many times there is excess skin on the upper eyelids exaggerated by a low brow position. Even if a very aggressive upper blepharoplasty is performed, it will not correct the underlying issue. The brow needs to be re-suspended prior to the blepharoplasty to achieve the desired results.

How long after surgery can I wax my eyebrows?

I recommend waiting six weeks before waxing. At the six-week mark, the brow is firmly attached to the new position on the bone. If waxing is performed prior to this, it will likely not cause any permanent damage but, may increase swelling and prolong healing.

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