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Botox and Dysport Newport Beach

Botulina Toxins

Make use of our injectable treatments to reduce signs of the aging process like fine lines and wrinkles. Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, and the newest addition Jeuveau, are effective injectable solutions to your skin aging problems.

You don’t have to worry about the lines on your forehead or the crow’s feet around your eyes when you opt for these injectable treatments. All four of these injectables have been deemed safe and approved for use by the FDA.

Additionally, their injectable nature makes them extremely convenient. You do not need to take a leave from work, you can simply visit our clinic during your work lunch break and have an anti-aging treatment administered. These treatments do not require any downtime, so you can go back to office and resume work right after if you wish.

How Do These Treatments Work?

Ever wonder how those little injections can ‘erase’ wrinkles? Lets discuss a bit about what Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, and Jeuveau are and how they work.

Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin are just different brand names of purified and standardized botulina toxin. Each of the brands has a different proprietary unit calculation, so when your physician tells you they injected 20 units of Botox versus 60 units of Dysport, they are similar in their overall effective outcome.

Dr. Reinstadler and his team are great – the botox was just the right amount – no more wrinkles, and no one would ever be able to tell that i have had any work done. He is really friendly, takes lots of time to talk to about the patients concerns and doesn’t try to push anything that you don’t want. I would definitely recommend him!

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These medications work by being injected to the muscle responsible for causing the dynamic wrinkles. Once injected, the toxin is taken up in to the nerve. Muscles work when the nerve fibers that control them send signals via chemical transmitters. In the case of the muscles of facial expression, that transmitter is called acetylcholine and triggers the muscle to contract. The toxin actually prevents the release of this transmitter, thereby preventing the signal from the nerve to the muscle – the muscle is unable to contract. The injections usually last 3-4 months and the reason for this time frame is that the nerves develop new transmitters which overcome the blockage by the Botox. The muscle gradually regains its function. Now it is time for a visit back to your doctor for a touch up…

Where Is the Product Injected?

Where do we inject the Botox? Usually for the middle of the brow (glabella) there are two muscles responsible for the dynamic wrinkles. One causes the vertical lines and is called the corrugator supercilli. The other is the procurus and causes the horizontal lines at the root of the nose. In the forehead, there is a large fan-like muscle, the frontalis, which leads to horizontal lines. Around the eyes (crows feet) the orbicularis oculi is a circular muscle which helps you squint. The lateral edge of this muscle is usually targeted with the injections.

Botox is also used to decrease sweating and for the treatment of chronic migraines.

Botox Before and After

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Which Should You Choose: Botox or Dysport?

Botox has been on the market as a preferred skin aging treatment for years now. Next was Dysport, Xeomin, and Jeuveau, in that order. Each has its own slight variations however they are all very similar in their outcome and administration. There are some areas that may respond better to one product compared to another. There are also patients to tend to gravitate to one or another.

We provide all the treatment options for individuals on the lookout for injectable anti-aging solutions. You can compare the pros and cons of each and decide which seems more suitable for you.

Learn More with a Consultation

If you are interested in these treatment options, we ask you to come to our clinic for a consultation. We will discuss the procedure at length with you and talk about your expectations from the treatment. All are generally safe for individuals and can help you get rid of signs of facial aging quickly and effectively!

Dr. David R. Reinstadler will see you in his office in Newport Beach.

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