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Chin Augmentation Newport Beach

chinaugMany times the chin is under-appreciated in the impact on facial proportions. Some people believe their nose too large or their cheeks are too heavy. These may be improved by augmenting the chin. Balance in the entire face is important consider when discussing any facial procedure.

The Surgery
Chin augmentation may be undertaken by a few different methods. Filler can be placed along the mandible and chin to improve the jaw line. This is a temporary fix and only works for a select group of patients. A more permanent solution is an implant that is placed along the front of the jawbone. This is made of firm silicone and will add projection to the chin. It does not change much of the facial shape from the frontal view, but will significantly improve the profile.

Before Surgery
We will have an extensive discussion prior to surgery about the size of the implant. I use computer imaging to approximate the final result. This procedure is done commonly in conjunction with a rhinoplasty to balance the profile.

After Surgery
After surgery, you will have a small incision under your chin. You will also wear an elastic strap for the first few days and then off and on for the next week. This will help with some of the swelling. The sutures will be removed in about a week. It will take about 6 weeks for the swelling to improve enough to see some results. Over about three months the skin will continue to contract around the implant and show refinement.

Chin Augmentation Before and After

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