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Facial Liposuction Newport Beach

faciallipoEither as a stand alone procedure, or an addition to a facelift or necklift, cervicofacial liposuction is an integral part of rejuvenation. Sometimes, in order to better define the jawline, liposuction is performed to reduce the volume of soft tissue below the mandible. This can be a dramatic procedure in the properly selected patient.

The Surgery
A small incision is made under the chin and possibly one just behind the ear lobe. From those incisions, a small cannula is introduced and the fat is selectively removed from areas of concern.

Before Surgery
The indications for liposculpture versus open surgery will be discussed. Many times, this procedure is used at the beginning of a facelift or neck lift in order to reduce the overall fullness of the neck. It is important to discuss your medications in your preoperative visit as some medications increase bleeding or swelling associated with this procedure.

After Surgery
After surgery you will have an elastic strap around your head and neck to compress the swelling. You will wear this for the first few days constantly, than on and off for the next week or so. You will have a small suture, which will be removed at about one week. It takes a few months for the skin of the neck to shrink wrap back around the now smaller neck structure so improvements will continue to be seen for up to six months.


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