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Mohs Reconstruction Newport Beach

sincancerSince one of the main indications for Mohs surgery is removing skin cancer in cosmetically sensitive areas, the reconstruction is often much more complex than a simple removal and closure on a place like the back or chest. There are many reconstruction methods. The main types of reconstruction are:

Direct Closure – This method is employed when the area excised lends itself to closure in a line. This is possible when the line will fall within a normal skin crease or fold.

Local Flaps –Tissue adjacent to the defect is used to either advance or rotate to fill the space. There are many types of local flaps and each has pros and cons. In general, a flap will be used in order to avoid distorting adjacent structures.

Grafts – These are utilized when there is not enough tissue next to the defect. Grafts can be obtained from skin or cartilage. Sometimes these need to be used for support in cases of nasal defects, so that the function of the nose is preserved.

After the skin cancer has been removed, your Mohs surgeon will consider various repair options. These may include:

  1. Allowing the wound to heal without any additional surgical repair (“healing by secondary intention”)
  2. Wound repair performed by the Mohs surgeon
  3. Repair by a plastic who might have a particular expertise regarding an anatomic area, repair type, special equipment, or skill regarding repair of large defects

Each specific case will be explained prior to undergoing the procedure.

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