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Otoplasty Newport Beach

otoplastyThe ears should not draw attention away from other features of the face. From time to time, as the ears develop, there is more spring in the cartilage than normal. This results in ears that may protrude further from the side of the head than normal. Otoplasty (ear pinning) is performed by re-shaping the natural cartilage and moving the ear closer to the head.

The Surgery
This surgery is very dependent on the individual. Every ear is different and may need to be handled in a slightly different manner. For a majority of the cases, the ear has an exaggerated cup-shape, which pushes the edge too far from the side of the head. This is resolved by recreating the natural shape and adding a fold back to the ear. The incision is behind the ear and not visible when it is healed.

Before Surgery
It is important to have an honest discussion with the surgeon prior to the procedure. The procedure can be performed on children as young as 6, or any age when the issue bothers the patient.

After Surgery
There will be a headband in place for the first 3-5 days that will be removed on a follow up visit. The sutures placed are generally absorbable and do not need to be removed. You will need to continue wearing a headband for the first few weeks all day, then it will continue at night for about a month. The ears will still be sensitive for a number of weeks.


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