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Juvederm Newport Beach

Juvederm is a hyaluronic acid gel dermal filler that is FDA approved for correction of moderate to severe facial wrinkles. The gel is injected into the deeper layers of the skin and helps to smooth out surface irregularities. The depth of injection will depend on the surface change desired. At The Ocean Clinic, our qualified injectors regularly provide Juvederm for Newport Beach patients.

Which Issues Can Be Treated?

The most common area for Juvederm injection is the nasolabial fold, which extends from the side of your nose to the corner of your mouth. It may also be used on marionette lines, parentheses lines, and smoker’s lines. It can even be used as a lip filler, giving thin lips new volume. Other Juvederm fillers have been developed over the last few years with more specific indications.

Juvederm is not ideal for use on crow’s feet around the eyes, frown lines, or horizontal forehead lines. These wrinkles can be effectively treated with Botox and Dysport, which we also offer.

I was looking at some pictures of myself one day and noticed that in every picture my upper lip disappeared, which was a little embarrassing. So I looked up the best way to achieve fuller lips and came across Juvederm. I researched for the best doctor (someone who is over qualified in their field) and found Dr. Reinstadler. When I walked in I was sort of anticipating an uncomfortable environment, but boy was I wrong. Jennifer the receptionist greeted me with a big smile and made me feel at home and at ease. Dr.Reinstadler did a FANTASTIC job on my lips!!! They look so beautiful and very natural. He put numbing cream on my lips so I barely felt anything and when I went home they didn’t really hurt. The next day there was hardly any bruising so I went to work with no stress. I would say there is no cons whatsoever, so don’t be scared to enhance your beauty with Dr.Reinstadler.

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Once the treatment session is complete, patients will see immediate improvement in the targeted regions. No recovery time or downtime will be needed. The risks of all fillers will be discussed prior to the injections but are commonly limited to injection-site redness, swelling, and bruising. These issues are only temporary and can be resolved quickly with cold compresses.

The volume correction from Juvederm lasts approximately six to nine months. Maintenance treatments are available. A significant advantage of hyaluronic acid fillers is that they can also be completely dissolved within 24 hours if desired.

Juvederm Cost

The number of areas of treatment can affect the price of Juvederm, as can certain other factors. During your consultation, the cost of your treatment will be discussed.

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