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Thank you ~ for everything!

Published on June 29, 2019

Dear World,
When does one look forward to going to the doctor? Well, I do! The “Ocean Clinic” in Newport Beach is a dream come true. My daughter referred me and I am ever grateful. The office professionals are radiant, welcoming, and greet you with a smile.

I had appointments with and received individualized consultations from Dr. Amy Reinstadler and Dr. David Reinstadler, both geniuses in their areas of expertise. Professional, knowledgeable and patient are they. I was given a spectrum of options and their kindness made this old girl feel special!

Additionally, they create/manufacture their own unique skin line of products that I use daily ~ resulting in a drastic improvement of the moisture level and smoothness of my skin.

Just before the holidays, David Reinstadler performed an in office procedure for the unsightly “puffiness” under my eyes. Though concerned, after a few days, I could not believe how much better I looked. OMG!!! Now, throughout the day I continue to look into the mirror and… just, smile I am one gleeful and grateful client. Drs. Amy and David Reinstadler – you rock!!! Thank you ~ for everything!

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